Keep your spaces monitored

Open Sensor


It alerts when something happens in your home or office, if your safe box, windows or doors have been opened.

How does it work?

Use cases

Temperature Sensor


It alerts the temperature changes, monitor temperature/humidity of the baby room, house garden, vegetables and fruits room.

How does it work?

Use cases

Sensor Movement

*3 axis

Thieves can't cut off sensor communication. Safer, sensing MOTION in your house or office.

How does it work?

Use cases

Smart & reliable design

LED indicator

Customize your alerts


No SIM requiered


120mm x 27mm x 30 mm

Splash proof


69 Gr.

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Technical Support:
Miami – Florida


We are an IoT company, we offer smart sensors and buttons to connect in an easy way the spaces of your home and office giving you security, comfort and efficiency. 

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