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Terms of use and privacy policy, recognizes the importance of the security and privacy of information, therefore, makes a provision for people who visit our website, the privacy policy applies to the personal data it collects and contains the measures of security for the protection of the information provided, use, collection, disclosure, exchange of information, in relation to our website and links to subsidiaries, social pages, third parties and others. Therefore, the current regulations take effect from the moment that anyone enters, accesses or makes use of our website, automatically accepts this privacy policy, which also applies to the use you can make of our website.


We recommend specifically reading this policy, before starting navigation and especially, before providing any type of information;, will process the information provided in accordance with the conditions of use, or with the legal notices included in the respective service. If you do not agree with the provisions, please refrain from using the site or entering any type of information


It is important to note that it is an essential requirement to use the page, that the user agrees with this policy, disclosure, use and collection of the information entered, as well as the information that the current document may change over time. , either due to legal requirements or because the information or policies are updated at any time, so we recommend and emphasize that you review it continuously, so it is in accordance with the changes or modifications.

If you have any questions, it may be clarified through our contact details, which could be in this document, if you finally do not agree with this policy and cookies, you should not continue using our website.


Information Collected- User Privacy


By accessing our website, information is collected about users or visitors, so things, once you enter the page and navigate the platform, you immediately give your consent for your information to be personal in accordance with these policies

Once the user accepts the provisions of this security policy, she agrees to act and respect the laws, regulations and uses, both national and international, limited to electronic service, and based on the duties, rights and obligations described herein.

Personal information or personal data may be on this site, may include how, for example: your name, address, email and contact details, or information collected by your visits, as well as, when necessary, information may be required specific for the treatment of an order, make a delivery or billing. Mr. user, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation to the treatment of your personal data, in the terms and conditions provided in Law 1581 of 2012, and other specific provisions that complement or replace.

Please note that by browsing, accessing and registering at, third parties may collect certain routing and technical information about your equipment (environmental variables) to facilitate use of the website. Another aspect to consider is that when you browse the Internet, the browser you use automatically transmits some information, part of the anonymous information elements, such as the URL corresponding to the website from which you will have access, the version of the browser that is available, JavaScript or similar technical tools, including the IP number, the time of the request, the URL of your request, the browser you use, and information about your computer's operating system, location, and others. All the information collected can be used by to improve our solutions or services for you.


This privacy policy is aimed at visitors, users, customers, potential customers and their representatives, suppliers, business partners and their representatives and in general all persons who are interested in obtaining our products, solutions or services and accessing our website. . Minors must have the relevant legal provisions.

The data we have must obtain information on how visitors, users or clients use the website, it is also our objective to improve and make adjustments to the site, its content and functionality, improve and / or create new solutions, services or products to satisfy the needs of our users and / or clients.

Use of the collected information and origin: employs and uses personal information in order to provide the best possible service, respond to your requests and queries, secure, distribute and market our solutions and services, participate in transactions, business partners, suppliers, maintain a user registry. , of orders where applicable, improve our products and services, create new solutions and services, marketing, sales, improve, develop and evaluate commercial activity, review the management of our communications, the analysis of our solutions, services and products, customer base, market research, data analysis, and other interests of our company, as well as to comply with laws and regulations, either externally or internally, such as investigations, financial, accounting, auditing and filing purposes.

Emails may be sent periodically through our site with special offers, promotions, new products and advertising information that we consider relevant to you or that may provide you with an interest or benefit; These emails will be sent to the address you provide and may be canceled at any time.

The information provided is shared with subsidiaries and / or third parties such as distributors, vendors, service providers and others, as well as state, judicial or police entities if necessary, therefore, you can choose to restrict, object or not share with third parties the use of your personal information, delete, change or correct and access your information. If you believe that your information has been used in an inconvenient way, or is not consistent with our privacy policy, you can contact us with our contacts.

When you send personal information through our website, you understand and accept that this information can be transferred internationally and can be stored and processed in any of the countries in which we have operations, offices, subsidiaries, or third parties. will process your personal information through personal contacts with our collaborators, agents, talks or meetings, as well as the information that you provide us online, inquiries, quotes, subscriptions, sales or through emails or telephone communications, as well We can access your information through third party sources, such as other websites, links or data aggregators that are not related to you.
Information about you may also originate from the use of cookies or the like, such as pixel tags or service identifiers.
The user of our website can adjust the browser, to notify you when cookies are sent or to reject them, and it will always be your full responsibility. Once the user provides the information to the site, it is considered that it is available and empowered to be used for the purposes that we consider appropriate, respecting at all times the security of the information and the laws, except for the links that carry to other sites, which contain their own policies.

Please note that the information you voluntarily supply to us may include:
Full name, address, email, phone numbers, transactions, solutions and services requested, financial information, payment methods, survey data, or publicly available information, such as social media posts, calls, recordings, chat transcripts, Cookie ID of your browser, or the identifier of your mobile device, information about it, browser, device type, applications, operating system, preferred language, screen resolution, behavioral data of your pc, computer or any connected device to the internet when you enter our site, such as advertisements, content, activities, or web search to locate and navigate to a site, website and content areas, time and dates of activities.
Demographic information such as age, sex, and income range.
If you are a legal person, details of it, its legal representative and collaborators.

The scope of's privacy policy will apply to the processing of personal information in order to offer solutions, services, products that are tailored to your needs, requirements or needs.


A cookie refers to a file that is sent in order to request permission to be stored on your computer. By accepting this file, the cookie is created and then serves to have information regarding web traffic, and also facilitates future visits to a website. recurrent. Another function that cookies have is that with them the websites can recognize you individually and, therefore, provide you with the best personalized service on their website.

Our website uses cookies to identify the pages that are visited and their frequency. This information is used only for statistical analysis and then the information is permanently removed. You can delete cookies at any time from your computer. However, cookies help to provide a better service from the websites, you do not give access to information from your computer, or from you, unless you want it and provide it directly. You can accept or deny the use of cookies, however, most browsers accept cookies automatically as it serves to have a better web service. You can also change the settings on your computer to decline cookies. If they are declined you may not be able to use some of our services.

Links to Third Parties:
You should keep in mind that, when entering our website, it may contain links to other sites that may be of interest to you, such as social networks, services and / or applications that are not part of, so the authorization of These functions may lead third parties to process your information, thus the things, their use does not generate responsibility of any kind on the part of It is recommended to review their privacy policies, before being used.
Users can exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation to the treatment of their personal data, in the terms and conditions provided in Law 1581 of 2012, and other applicable provisions that complement or replace it.

Control of your personal information:
At any time you can restrict the collection or use of personal information provided to our website. Whenever you are asked to fill out a form, subscription, brochure or other type of request, you can check or uncheck the option to receive information by email. In case you have checked the option to receive information or advertising, you can cancel this option at any time. will not transfer, sell, or distribute the personal information that is collected without your consent, unless required by a competent authority.
The retention time of the voluntarily delivered personal information will be maintained in accordance with the requirements of the law and / or competent authorities, by a contract or legal obligations, at least for the time it is used necessary to provide the service or during the time necessary for the purpose in which the information was collected, for statistical purposes, subject to the guarantees of the case.
All the information registered by the user is confidential, for this reason, it will not be directed towards third parties, with whom we do not have any type of relationship, except for the exceptions mentioned in this privacy policy, or when any of the following occurs. situations:
• To adopt protective measures on the rights and interests of
• To protect, protect and safeguard the interests and rights of users of both the website and third parties.
• By legal mandate.

Duties and obligations of users:
1) The user agrees to agree to this security policy, assuming the commitment to provide accurate, complete, clear, truthful and current information on their data, as requested; in addition, to collaborate to keep it updated and complete.
2) The visitor, user or client is completely responsible for taking the pertinent security and precautionary measures, from the moment he is providing any kind of information, or in order to avoid loss and inappropriate or improper use of the information. same. The user is directly responsible for the due privacy and protection of any personal information that is granted to people or companies other than
3) The user must not promulgate personal information related to other users relevant to the website.
4) If false, fraudulent, incomplete information is entered or if it comes to breach or omission of any of the obligations of the user, determined in this policy, will be subject to the possibility of automatically and unilaterally concluding, either definitively or temporarily, and without prior notice, to the provision of our services and to the sanctions of law.

Access to Personal Information:

The user has access to the personal information provided, to update or correct it. If you want to eliminate it, you can request it, but this process may have some limitations for interests of a legal or commercial nature, but always under the requirements that the law imposes on us. It is necessary that, to request the deletion, correction or modification of the information, the user identifies himself and communicates the reasons for it, which will be studied, without affecting, exposing or compromising the informative privacy of our databases., will comply with everything that is pertinent and within its reach to respect the rights of its users, submitting to the laws that protect it. We reserve the right to reject requests that are not covered by law, that are repetitive without responding to reasonable causes, that require a disproportionate technical effort, or that jeopardize the privacy of others, or that are not feasible in practice.

By requesting the deletion of your personal data, you agree that you may not be able to access or use our website, and that there may be residual personal data in the records and in our files for some time, in compliance with the applicable regime, but these will not be used for commercial purposes. It is pertinent that you are aware that despite your request to delete data, we reserve the right to retain your personal data, or a significant part of them, in accordance with our data retention policy protected by law.

It is pertinent that the users and visitors of our website, keep in mind that this document is incorporated and becomes an integral part of the conditions of use of our website, as stipulated in article 44 of Law 527 of 1999.




Maintaining the security of your information is a commitment and a priority for, for which we use the most advanced systems and constantly update them to ensure that there is no unauthorized access, change or propagation, or destruction of information, for the above, security measures will be taken to prevent improper or fraudulent handling of it. These are obligations of means and not of result.

Again we remember that this policy is unique and exclusively for our website, it is not part of the other sites that you can access, as previously indicated in this document.


Our website is not without errors and omissions, regarding the information that we have for you, such as the description of products, solutions, services, operation, prices, availability, etc. We reserve the right to correct the cases mentioned and to cancel any of our products or services offered, without prior notice, through information displayed on the website. We reserve the right to refuse the provision of a service, withdraw products, solutions, withdraw or edit content, purchase orders, sales, orders or to cancel any information that affects the interests of the company, in its sole discretion.


We put at your disposal the address, so that there you can make any suggestion, observation or concern regarding any of the aspects mentioned in this Privacy Policy. What is in red is an example. reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time.


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